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Adrian Bell | Access | 영국
My interests are mainly in Access and other Microsoft Office applications. I love to automate and control using inbuilt features and VBA. ~ My main contributions to the community are made at
Airlangga Bhumintara Amitaba | Access | 인도네시아
Dahulu adalah pekerja lepas dalam TI, namun sekarang bekerja untuk Microsoft Development Program sebagai Technical Specialist Gemar membuat aplikasi dengan MS Access dan ASP 3.0/ASP.NET
Albert D Kallal | Access | 캐나다
I have been professionally developing software for more than 20 years. While attending Computing Science at University of Alberta I was the original developer of Anat-sim. This pilot project was the basis for the Omni-sim software package. Omni-s...
Alexey Dybenko | Access | 러시아
Access Developer since version 1.0, working as Access/VB/SQL/ASP.NET consultant at Access is his primary development platform, Alex enjoys working with SQL Server and SQL Azure to scale Access projects. Alex collects Access t...
Alison Joyce Balter | Access | 미국
Allan Bunch | Access |
Anders Ebro | Access | 덴마크
I have been developing Access applications since 2008. The focus of my applications have been broad, among others Project Documentation, Requirement Management, Tender Evaluation, Error Tracing and Hazard Logs. I quickly discovered how much I could l...
Andrew Couch | Access |
As a founding member of UK Access User Group, I have worked as magazine editor, guest speaker, trainer and website manager for this group and also UK Office User Group. From starting my career writing assembly code working with popular programming la...
Armen Stein | Access | 미국
Armen Stein is the president of J Street Technology, a team of consultants in Bellevue, WA with expertise in ASP.NET, Access, SQL Server and Office 365. Armen has spoken at many user groups and conferences, including Office DevCon in Australia, Tech...
Arvin Meyer | Access | 미국
Armed with a degree in Business Administration, with a major in Accounting, Arvin decided instead to go into the family cabinetmaking business. He got his first computer in 1981, and used computers extensively in bidding and construction takeoffs. In...