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Aaron Parker | App-V | 오스트레일리아
Experienced Solutions Architect with a highly technical and specialised background. Skilled in the art of communicating and presenting to all levels. Assists customers in turning business requirements into a strategies and converged solutions for End...
Falko Graefe | App-V | 독일
Falko Gräfe works in the global ASP / Hosted Dekstop team of Evonik Industries in Germany. His responsibilities range from designing future components of Evonik's global Remote Desktop Services and VDI environment over optimizing the current landscap...
Gisli Gudmundsson | App-V | 아이슬란드
Gisli Gudmundsson is an Hosting Administrator at Advania in Iceland, his focus is design, maintain and manage Windows hosting infrastructure based on Windows Servers. His specialization is very wide in Microsoft products but main specialization is Wi...
Jurjen van Leeuwen | App-V | 노르웨이
Jurjen, from the Netherlands originally, has been living in Norway since 2009. He works as a freelance IT professional under the name Leodesk. Jurjen focuses on application and desktop deployment and has been working with application virtualization f...
Kalle Saunamäki | App-V | 핀란드
An application virtualization expert with over ten years of all-around expertise with several different Microsoft technologies from infrastructure to management and back.Currently working at virtualization software value-add vendor and consultanc...
Kevin Kaminski | App-V |
With over thirteen years of systems management experience, Kevin Kaminski is no stranger to the headaches enterprises can experience when managing large deployments of Windows systems. As an independent consultant Kevin uses the opportunity to visit
Matt McDermott is the Presdient of 43Tc, a company providing virtualization solutions to enterprise customers around the globe. Matt has been working with Microsoft for over 15 years providing technical expertise in developing courseware, technical
Ment van der Plas is working as an IT Architect at Login Consultants, an international independent consulting company based in the Netherlands. He is specialized in designing, implementing and migrating large and complex infrastructures, including th...
Nicke Källén | App-V |
Currently employed at Zipper by Enfo and heavily involved in troubleshooting at customer sites.A passion for understanding technical issues and how to offer the best possible solution for everyone involved - useability for the users and manageabi...
Nico Luedemann | App-V |
Nico Luedemann has been working in IT since 1994 and has been the CEO at bluecue consulting GmbH & Co. KG (formerly the Systems&Services business unit at acocon GmbH) since 2013. His main areas of expertise include corporate consulting, lecturing an...