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Allan Hirt | Cluster |
Boston-based Cluster MVP Allan Hirt has been working with SQL Server since 1992 and clustering for well over 10 years. He got his start with databases as an intern at SQL Solutions, which then got purchased by Sybase where he remained an intern until...
Anton Kolomyeytsev | Cluster | 미국
Co-founder and Chief Architect @ StarWind Software. Man behind Virtual SAN core product and virtually all the hardcore technology coming from StarWind. Doing IT in general and storage and clusters in particular for 20+ years.
David A Bermingham | Cluster | 미국
David Bermingham is recognized within the technology community as a high availability expert and has been honored by his peers by being elected to be a Microsoft MVP in Clustering since 2010. David’s work as director of Technical Evangelist at SIOS
DongCheol Ryu | Cluster |
Edwin VanMierlo | Cluster |
Edwin is an IT professional for the last 18 years, currently working in a large US Corporation as a Consulting Engineer in the Host Consult Team. Edwin has been working with Windows Clustering from early 2000 and onwards. Since 2004 Edwin has been fo...
Jungkook Moon | Cluster |
Kurt Roggen | Cluster | 벨기에
Kurt Roggen works as Technical Consultant with a strong focus on Datacenter Management and Cloud, specializing in Server Virtualization and related System Center management products. As speaker, Kurt has participated at various Microsoft conferen...
Michael Steineke | Cluster | 미국
Michael Steineke is a Windows Server Platform expert with an industry-wide reputation as an innovator in the areas of Windows Server, storage and network architecture, disaster recovery, datacenter configuration, and SQL Server. His thought leadershi...
Nail Own | Cluster |
Nail Own has more than 15 years of experience working as Windows Server specialist in data centers for medium-size to large German companies like Siemens AG, BMW AG, MAN AG etc. His area of expertise are Windows Server Failover Clusters (MSCS/WSF...
Nirmal Madhawa Thewarathanthri | Cluster | 오스트레일리아
Nirmal is a Technical Architect working for Empired Australia, with many years of IT Consultancy experience on Core Infrastructure Technologies. Nirmal is also a MCT delivering Trainings on Platform Infrastructure & Systems Management. Nirmal has bee...