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Dennis Vroegop | Hardware Interaction Design and Development |
Dennis has been programming since 1982, at the age of 11. After graduating in Computer Sciences he started his first job: a VB1.0 developer. He taught himself C, C++, Pascal and numerous other languages. When he first saw a demo of the .net platform
Gian Paolo Santopaolo | Hardware Interaction Design and Development | 이탈리아
Designs and develops NUI user experiences for multitouch devices with main focus on Microsoft PixelSense and Surface. Research and creates prototypes for tactile and gesture recognition solutions with particular attention to the interaction between t...
Johanna Rowe | Hardware Interaction Design and Development |
Johanna Rowe est designer industriel de formation diplômée de Strate Collège Designers. « Mon travail est de créer des expériences utilisateurs positives, uniques et marquantes pour des applications où l’objet n’est plus utile entre l’Homme et l’inte...
Nicolas Calvi | Hardware Interaction Design and Development |
Nicolas Calvi is a consultant and trainer for a French company specialized in Microsoft technologies. His fields of expertise are the natural interfaces such as Microsoft® Surfaces® or Kinect® and the multidisciplinary Agile methodologies. He brings