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Bong Jeong Kim | PowerPoint |
Hello. My name is 'Bong jeong Kim'. I'm assistant manager of my community, PowerPoint Expert Club.( hope that Many people who shared valuable information.
Chantal Bossé | PowerPoint | 캐나다
Chantal started her business in 2004 after working in the science & communications worlds. Since then, she’s not working but having fun on a daily basis. Her main objective as a communications enthusiast is to assist entrepreneurs, trainers and speak...
Dave Paradi | PowerPoint | 캐나다
Dave Paradi has been recognized by the media and his clients as a presentation expert. He has authored seven books and four Kindle e-books on effective PowerPoint presentations. He consults on high-stakes presentations including one used to brief one...
Echo Swinford | PowerPoint | 미국
A Microsoft PowerPoint MVP since 2000, Echo Swinford began her PowerPoint career in 1997 working for a medical education communications company, where she was responsible for the development of enduring materials and stand-alone modules for continuin...
Edgar J. Lopez Jr | PowerPoint | 필리핀
EJ Lopez, a Microsoft Office Specialist for PowerPoint and an Intel Retail Certified Associate, has been in the IT industry for over 8 years. He started as a Marketing Specialist in Microsoft Support Services (Philippines) and later became a Technolo...
Ellen Finkelstein | PowerPoint |
Visit me on my website at for PowerPoint and presenting tips, my blog, my free PowerPoint Tips Newsletter, and my white paper, "From Death by PowerPoint to Life by PowerPoint with the Tell 'n' Show(SM) Method." I'm the author...
Geetesh Bajaj | PowerPoint | 인도
Geetesh Bajaj is an awarded Microsoft PowerPoint MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for over a decade now. He has been designing and training with PowerPoint for 15 years and heads Indezine, a presentation design studio and content development organiza...
Glen Millar | PowerPoint |
Glen Millar lives in Australia and has worked on a range of environment and science projects for many years. A featured writer and speaker on PowerPoint internationally, Glen is particularly known for high-end PowerPoint animation.
Glenna R. Shaw | PowerPoint | 미국
Glenna Shaw has over 2 decades of experience creating data visualizations in the form of presentations, project management tools, dashboards, demos, prototypes and system user interfaces. She is a Certified Project Management Professional and an act...
Hiroyuki Kawai | PowerPoint | 일본
My name is Hiroyuki Kawai.I live in Osaka, Japan.No PowerPoint, No Life :)