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Alberto Silva | Windows Embedded |
Since Windows CE 2.0 that I've been fascinated by what you can do with such small computers, either as a personal user, either developing enterprise software applications meant to be functional and simple to use. From the beginning I depended a lot o...
Alexander H. Wechsler | Windows Embedded |
Alexander Wechsler has been working many years successfully doing project and partner management for customers in the enterprise and embedded market. His projects turned into showcases for the successful use of modern software technology e.g. in Bil...
Atomu Hidaka | Windows Embedded | 일본
Atomu Hidaka is a President of Device Drivers, Ltd. ( since 1999 in Japan.With over 30 years of embedded system and driver experience, he is developing and consulting device drivers, embedded system, and device application
Barry Hung | Windows Embedded |
I’m SYNNEX(Microsoft OED distributor) Technical Assistant Manager Barry Hung whom in charge of Microsoft Embedded System like XP Embedded(XPE) / Windows Embedded Standard(WES2009/7/8) , WEPOS / POSReady , Embedded Server products. I worked in Mic...
Beppe Platania | Windows Embedded | 이탈리아
Beppe has more than 30 years of experience in Embedded Operating Systems. In 2006, Beppe founded BEPS Engineering ( to offer its customers: products, training courses, system buildings, consultancy and applications for embedded system...
Bruce Eitman | Windows Embedded | 미국
Bruce is a Field Application Engineer (FAE) for Eurotech Inc. In this role Bruce is responsible for assisting customers take product ideas to market.Bruce formerly was Director of the Eurotech Inc Windows CE Technical Group in Akron, OH and Colu...
Catalin Gheorghiu | Windows Embedded | 루마니아
Founder, CTO and Lead Solution Architect at I Computer Solutions.Catalin has more than fifteen years experience as developer and/or solution architect. The last five years was focused in complex mobile solutions based on Microsoft technologies from...
Christopher Tacke | Windows Embedded |
An industry-recognized expert in architecting cross-platform, end-to-end solutions that transform embedded device data into enterprise-level information. Chris is one of a handful of Compact Framework experts that truly understands how managed code
Claudenir Campos Andrade | Windows Embedded | 브라질
Claudenir Andrade trabalha com automação comercial há 15 anos. Foi o idealizador do primeiro webservice para automação comercial e do protocolo XML para comunicação com impressoras fiscais e não fiscais. Foi responsável pela homologação e aprovação d...
Dae Hwan Kim | Windows Embedded |
www.yespartner.comThnak you~