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Andreas Erle | Windows Phone Consumer | 독일
It´s a blessing and a curse: From the first iPAQ on, I was addicted to these littles gadgets... and more and more of them crowd house, office and even bedroom. But one thing is for sure: Once you´re hooked, they change your life in a very positive wa...
Benjamin Fauteux | Windows Phone Consumer | 캐나다
Bin Huang | Windows Phone Consumer | 중국
I am the independent founder of a famous Chinese windows phone forum My site and its related business by now hold a great 1 million user which bring 80,000+ pageviews per day and 24 million pageviews per year. No doubt about that my site w...
Chih-Hsin Ou | Windows Phone Consumer | 대만
My name is Chih-Hsin Ou, a programer. I love learning and sharing knowledge expecially in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Windows Phone, Office 365, Office System, Windows, C# and VB.NET field on my blog. If you have any question, please feel free to tell me...
David Scammell | Windows Phone Consumer | 미국
A results-focused team member with 28 years in Information Systems Technologies. Extensive qualifications in all facets of the project life cycle, with specialties in Training & Development, Mobile Technologies, Help Desk and Social Networking. Demon...
Jack Cook | Windows Phone Consumer | 미국
Jack spent 35 years teaching mathematics, worked as a Dean of Students, and completed his career as a Principal of a suburban school just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Throughout his years in public education, the computer field has always sparke...
Johan Petersson | Windows Phone Consumer | 스웨덴
I'm Johan Petersson, business analyst and project manager at Altran, where creative ideas become a reality. Altran is the European leader in high-tech engineering consulting.At my current assignment I'm managing business intelligence applications...
Johan van Mierlo | Windows Phone Consumer | 미국
Johan van Mierlo has been involved with the Windows Mobile Devices since his first Compaq iPAQ 3635. Right after the start of he got involved at the site as the overseas editor and soon became an administrator for the site. He currentl...
Julie De Jong | Windows Phone Consumer | 미국
I've worked with windows phone 7 & 8 devices ever since they were first created. Before that I spent many years working with pocket pcs, and windows mobile devices. Because of my passion for mobile devices, I started a blog in January 2007 call...
Julie Grienenberger | Windows Phone Consumer | 프랑스