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Alexandre Zollinger Chohfi | Windows Phone Development | 브라질
Graduated in Computer Science from the Federal University of São Carlos/Brazil (UFSCar), is a game developer at Skillab Games where he works with XNA(MonoGame), Unity 3D and Microsoft technologies to develop multi-platform games. He is also a Nokia D...
Andrej Radinger | Windows Phone Development | 크로아티아
Andrej Radinger is Microsoft Windows Phone Development MVP, MCSD, MCDBA and MCT. Andrej is founder, CTO and senior consultant at Mobendo, a leading Croatian company for providing mobile solutions, consulting, development and training. Andrej ha...
Atley Hunter | Windows Phone Development | 캐나다
I've been a developer for more than 15 years and a mobile developer since way before it was cool. As the most prolific Modern UI developer in the world I am always working to expand my development knowledge and share it to anyone who wants to know t...
David Dong | Windows Phone Development |
Hi, my name is David, MVP from Taiwan. I'm a IT manager, and also a writer, speaker of Microsoft developer tools. You can find details about me with visit my blog , follow me with FB Page
Den Delimarsky | Windows Phone Development |
I am a Program Manager Intern at Microsoft Corporation. I also collaborate with the Channel9 Coding4Fun team. It happens that I am also a senior at Wichita State University, where I am pursuing a degree in Computer Science.
Engin Polat | Windows Phone Development | 터키
Engin Polat, 2002 yılından beri .Net teknolojileri üzerine birçok büyük ve orta ölçekli projede yer almış, proje geliştirme danışmanlığı yapmıştır.Ödüllü projelere imza atmış ve görev aldığı yazılım projelerinde birçok ödüle layık görülmüştür....
Ginny Caughey | Windows Phone Development |
I'm President of Carolina Software Inc. We are a vertical market company specializing in scalehouse and billing software for waste management with installations at landfills and recycling facilities all over North America. Our WasteWORKS software run...
Ivan Rodrigo Toledo | Windows Phone Development | 칠레
Started developing mobile applications in 2002, for the Pocket PC platform. Built a sales order & electronic billing app using C++/MFC.Since 2009 creating native apps for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Windows 8. He's the main develope...
Jani Nevalainen | Windows Phone Development | 핀란드
I’ve been working the last 17 years on different Microsoft platforms and technologies, currently working as a Technology Manager at Symbio.
Jiong Shi | Windows Phone Development | 중국
As a PhD candidate in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, not only state-of-art wireless communication technologies attract me, but also the emerging software technologies do. I spend much of my spare time on device application design...