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Dian D. Chapman | Word |
Dian, an MVP since 1995, is a Technical Consultant, specializing in Document Automation. Through her consulting practice at, she helps clients create time/money saving solutions through the use of Microsoft Office automation and Interne...
Doug Robbins | Word | 오스트레일리아
Retired Mechanical Engineer with experience in the Engineering and Construction of major projects. Involved in the development of Project Control Systems and with Systems for the Management of Engineering and Procurement Data.Now a freelance dev...
Elisabeth Wilke-Thissen | Word | 독일
As a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), and Microsoft Office Specialist Master (MOS) I primarily work with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, but also with Visio, Windows, and XML, and with programs like Lotus Notes, Autonomy WorkSite or Works...
Georges Le Du | Word |
Hirotsune Ikuta | Word |
Having a carrer of Worldwide shipping together with a correspondent in Johanesburg in South Africa, now engage an energy saving materials for Super Matket due to plenty humanic reasons.
Jay Freedman | Word | 미국
Formerly an editor for a publisher of college textbooks, later a technical writer for a large computer manufacturer, and now a retired programmer specializing in installation, setup, and configuration of server software. User of all WinWord versions
Junya Nitta | Word |
After working as a technical translator in a patent firm for 6 years, Junya established NIT INC. (Nihon Innovative Translation) in October 2011. Junya is interested in Document Automation to support translators with Word Macros, and works as a progr...
Karen McCall | Word | 캐나다
Kengo Inoue | Word |
Lene Fredborg | Word | 덴마크
Lene runs her own business, DocTools, She established DocTools in 2006 based on her strong interest in developing useful and time-saving tools in the form of add-ins and macros for Microsoft Word. Lene also provides custom-design...