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Windows Platform Development
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Kinect for Windows, ASP.NET/IIS, Windows Platform Development
Dutch, English, German
Joost van Schaik
Web/GIS architect at day, Windows Phone fanatic at night
I am a Geographical Information Systems architect and developer at Vicrea Solutions, Amersfoort, The Netherlands. I have been in the industry since 1992, and have been blogging .NET samples since October 2007, apparently filling a need doing so as about 400 people a day are visiting the blog. Since July 2010 Windows Phone 7 became an ever more prominent feature, even though it had not been released and the Netherlands were not even scheduled to get a Marketplace that year. One thing led to another: Windows Phone news sites and blog feeds started picking up my articles, all kinds of people came to me for help, I wrote an article in a magazine, I was asked as an 'expert' at the Microsoft Developer Days 2010, and I enjoyed immensely helping everyone out with their development problems. And now I am here ;-)
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