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Windows IT Pro
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Software Packaging, Deployment & Servicing, Group Policy
Kyle Rosenthal
If there was ever anyone destined to work in IT, it was probably Kyle. He has been trying to get out of using a pen ever since he tried his first Radio Shack MC-10 and found a friend in the keyboard. Once the cables got hooked up to the cassette tape drive he was away. Since then he has just simply enjoyed learning and then passing that knowledge on.

Kyle is an accomplished Trainer and Consultant. He has presented at both TechEd US and TechEd Australia. He has also been a senior Technical Readiness presenter for Microsoft Australia – presenting on Enterprise Deployment and Windows Vista. Recently awarded an MVP for his work with Windows Vista he is also the owner of

When not talking to clients and students he is generally somewhere near home in Brisbane, Australia with his wife Margit and his dog Tane.