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Windows Expert-IT Pro
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Lee Reynolds
I was a programmer for 30 years since 1966, when the mainframes were IBM 7094 and Univac 1108. About a dozen different languages, including several assembler. My first personal computer was an Apple II, and I became expert enough at it to have a couple of dozen articles published in nationally distributed magazines like Micro and Call -A.P.P.L.E. Then got my first IBM compatible, an old AT, before the days of Windows 3.1. Several pcs later, I had Windows XP, Windows ME and Windows 98SE multibooting off a Dell Pentium III. I then purchased a new Dell Pentium IV with Windows Vista Ultimate on it, and with Windows XP installed as a guest OS using Microsoft's Virtual Pc 2007. I later put Windows 7 Ultimate on it and removed Windows Vista as a boot choice but kept it as a virtual pc using Windows Virtual Pc. I most recently have installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview to dual boot with Windows 7, and am planning a book. I have several part-time jobs, spending a lot of time tutoring people on computers and chess (hence my chosen member name of LeeTutor) and helping novices fix or set up their machines. I contribute monthly short articles to several local pc user groups (been doing it since 1996) and I have a web page full of these articles on versions of Windows from 95 to Windows 7. Also I am an expert contributor and Zone Advisor to several Windows zones at Check out my website: LeeTutor's Exploring Windows