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Office System, Office365
English, Japanese
Patrick Halstead
Electronic Forms for Everyone
InfoPath rocks because it's got native support for XML which means you can connect it to Web-based data sources. I love it and have been in rhapsody since 2003 when I left Microsoft to start Qdabra, the leading source of InfoPath evangelism on the Web. This is the app that will bring down the barriers to automating your business process for the online age. specializes in software consulting and services for electronic forms, including: 
- Established the largest InfoPath community site outside of Microsoft (
- Developed tools and accelerators to help consulting customers quickly leverage InfoPath without spending loads of cash
- Created an online hosting service for small business who use InfoPath and want to share forms without SharePoint (

My personal interests include the outdoors (hiking, biking and running), Japanese culture, and French food. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from Harvey Mudd College.