“I think this program is a very good way to stay connected with our trusted community to get still feedback from them. Once an MVP, always an MVP.”Lars Keller, Germany – Former MVP, 7 years in the program

“In the MVP program you meet the best friends you will ever have! With Reconnect we will be able to retain these friendship bonds indefinitely!”Magnus Mårtensson, Sweden – MVP, 4 years in the program

“What excites me the most about MVP Reconnect is that I can now say ‘see you soon!’ instead of ‘goodbye’ to those leaving the MVP Program. It's great that those leaving the program have an opportunity to stay close to their fellow MVPs and, eventually, even have the chance to be brought back!”Igor Abade V. Leite, Brazil – MVP, 10 years in the program

“I have been part of the MVP Program since 2004 – and a lot has changed since then! It’s exciting for me to be a part of its ongoing evolution, to improve the experience of the MVPs themselves and to find ways to create mutual benefit for everyone involved.”Richard Campbell, Canada – MVP, 12 Years in the Program

“The MVP Reconnect is an opportunity for the MVP community to shape our own direction in concert with Microsoft's goals.”Pat Tormey, USA – MVP, 8 years in the program

Q. What is the MVP Reconnect program?
A. For years we have received feedback that the MVP Award is much more than an award - it's a community. MVP Reconnect is a program designed to provide our former MVPs with the opportunity to remain connected, recognized and engaged following the end of their award period.
Q. Who is eligible to join the MVP Reconnect program?
A. All former MVPs that ended their award tenure in "good standing" and with a minimum award period of 1 year are eligible to join MVP Reconnect.
Q. What does "good standing" mean in terms of eligibility?
A. This essentially means that an MVP must not have been retired due to a Code of Conduct issue or NDA violation.
Q. Why should an MVP join MVP Reconnect?
A. Once an MVP, always part of the MVP community! We want to stay connected to our former MVPs and enable them to stay connected to this exclusive community. Through MVP Reconnect they will have the ability to be recognized through a dedicated profile in the MVP Reconnect website, access to networking opportunities, perks and official brand recognition.
Q. How will the eligible MVPs be invited to MVP Reconnect?
A. An automatic email will be sent at the end of each MVP cycle to MVPs who are not re-awarded. For other former MVPs, just fill out this registration form and we will follow up with you via email.
Q. What about former MVPs that transitioned into a Microsoft full time employee role? Will they also be eligible?
A. Yes! This program is about bringing our entire community together. If an MVP was retired because they accepted a role as a Microsoft Employee, they are welcome join this program!
Q. What if a former MVP currently works for another company (possibly competing with Microsoft)?
A. No problem at all! The intent of the program is not to share NDA content, but rather to enable connections between former MVPs.
Q. Is this program under NDA restrictions?
A. No. MVP Reconnect is not a program officially under a Non-Disclosure Agreement and therefore, participants are not allowed to share or disclose NDA information.
Q. Can a former MVP join the program even if their award technology (technical expertise) does not exist anymore?
A. Absolutely! MVP Reconnect is intended to recognize the individual, not the technology.
Q. Will former MVPs be able to display their previously awarded technology?
A. While we do not plan to directly surface the technology area as a standalone field, MVPs will have the ability to create a bio as part of their public profile for the community to view and could include a reference within the bio abstract.
Q. Can I join if I am a current MVP?
A. If you are a current MVP, you are not eligible to join this program. However, we will provide channels for you to stay connected and engaged with this new community!
Q. As a current MVP, how can I engage with MVP Reconnect?
A. We will soon announce channels that will be available for this type of networking.
Q. I am a Windows Insider MVP, managed directly by the Product Team. Can I join MVP Reconnect?
A. . Members of Windows Insider MVP and other similar programs (such as the Xbox MVP Program) are still considered active MVPs, as these programs share the same principles of the Microsoft MVP Award program. Therefore, active members of these programs are not eligible for MVP Reconnect at the current time. We are evaluating ways to connect these communities (Windows Insider MVPs, Xbox MVPs) with MVP Reconnect.
Q. What happens if a former MVP joins MVP Reconnect and is subsequently approved to become an MVP again?
A. If a former MVP rejoins the MVP Award program, they would not be able to continue as part of the MVP Reconnect program due to their active status; they will, however, have mechanisms to stay connected to this community.
Q. Will former MVPs in this program have access to a Community Program Manager (a.k.a. MVP Lead)?
A. No, this privilege is reserved only for active MVPs. However, the CPMs are always looking for candidates for the MVP Award and your participation in MVP Reconnect will keep you on their radar.
Q. How long can an individual be a part of the MVP Reconnect program?
A. There is no set time limit for someone to be part of this program. MVP Reconnect members may only be removed from the program due to a code of conduct violation, or if they choose to leave the program.