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Bahrudin Hrnjica

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Associate Professor, Senior Developer, Data Scientist


Bahrudin holds a Ph.D. in technical science, Microsoft MVP Development Technologies, and consultant and senior software developer at daenet. He has over twenty years of experience in developing software on Microsoft technologies. His focus of interest is in the development and application of different ML algorithms using artificial neural networks and genetic programming. In the development of ML-oriented solutions and modeling, he has more than 10 years of experience. His field of interest is also the development of predictive models with deep learning frameworks. Works in various multidisciplinary teams with the mission of optimizing and selecting the ML algorithms.
He writes personal blog http://bhrnjica.net, company blog at https://developers.de/author/bhrnjica/,  regularly holds lectures at local and regional IT conferences, Meetups and Code Camp gatherings, and is also the founder of the Bihac Developer Meetup Group. Microsoft recognizes his work and awarded him with the prestigious Microsoft MVP title for the first time in 2011, which he still holds today.

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