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Asuka Otani

製造業で事務職として勤務中Power Automate for desktopを知る。独学で導入手法や操作を習得、200Hの効率化に成功。導入過程や知見をSNSやコミュニティで発信。 ー組織に変革とインパクトを与えたPower Platform Champion(世界で25名)に選出 https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/powerapps-champions/


Asuka Otani started her RPA journey in the HR team for a manufacturing company in Japan, where she found herself spending countless hours performing manual repetitive tasks. Without any prior IT background, she taught herself Power Automate for desktop and automated sending PDF documents to hundreds of customers, retrieving and aggregating data from legacy systems, and more. As her interest and skills advanced, so did her career. After sixteen years in HR, she is now a Technical Evangelist for an IT company, ASAHI Accounting Robot Research Institute, where she works with the customer success team, teaches people how to build RPA automation, and leads webinars.
“I was actually surprised myself that I could learn all these RPA techniques in three months . I could transform the company through Power Automate for desktop. Not only did I change that, but it also changed my career journey.”

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