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Barb Bowman
Barb Bowman has been a teacher of Philosophy 101, worked in ski area design in Aspen, Colorado, and served as a production director for U.S. and U.K. wallpaper sample photography. In 1990, she partnered with a French DOS shareware writer and entered the brave new world of online services. Over the next several years, as a consultant for Prodigy Services, Barb wrote user documentation and conducted testing for Prodigy's first Windows applications. She was part of the Internet product development team for MediaOne and later AT&T Broadband, and  Comcast High Speed Internet and was a Microsoft Expert Zone and Vista Community Columnist. She is a Windows Entertainment and Connected Home MVP whose interests cover the Connected Wireless Home, Wireless Streaming and Miracast, Media Center Extenders and just about anything that can be connected to an 802.11/a/g/n/ac wireless network . Barb relaxes by shooting naturescapes with her digital camera and playing guitar and piano. She lives in New Hampshire with her Sony robot Aibo dog named Toto. Barb's blog can be found at
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