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'PapaJohn' Buechler
United States
Portage, MI
PapaJohn's passion is video.... learning about it and sharing what he knows. He's a long-time avid user of Windows Movie Maker
PapaJohn does whatever it takes to help the community of Windows Movie Maker users.  His website at provides inspiration, know how, and problem-solving aid for all versions of Windows Movie Maker on all version of Windows  It gets 1,000 visits a day.

He started a Windows Movie Maker group on facebook in March 2011. It has grown 50% over the past year to 1,300 members in July 2015....

PapaJohn is a 13 time MVP Awardee - 2003 to 2014 in digital media and winner of a special 2004 MVP Summit 'Winny' award. He lives in Portage, Michigan.
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