What is MVP Reconnect

“I think this program is a very good way to stay connected with our trusted community to get still feedback from them. Once an MVP, always an MVP.”Lars Keller, Germany – Former MVP, 7 years in the program

What is MVP Reconnect

“In the MVP program you meet the best friends you will ever have! With Reconnect we will be able to retain these friendship bonds indefinitely!”Magnus Mårtensson, Sweden – MVP, 4 years in the program

What is MVP Reconnect

“What excites me the most about MVP Reconnect is that I can now say ‘see you soon!’ instead of ‘goodbye’ to those leaving the MVP Program. It's great that those leaving the program have an opportunity to stay close to their fellow MVPs and, eventually, even have the chance to be brought back!”Igor Abade V. Leite, Brazil – MVP, 10 years in the program

What is MVP Reconnect

“I have been part of the MVP Program since 2004 – and a lot has changed since then! It’s exciting for me to be a part of its ongoing evolution, to improve the experience of the MVPs themselves and to find ways to create mutual benefit for everyone involved.”Richard Campbell, Canada – MVP, 12 Years in the Program

What is MVP Reconnect

“MVP Reconnect is an opportunity for the MVP community to shape our own direction in concert with Microsoft's goals.”Pat Tormey, USA – MVP, 8 years in the program

What is MVP Reconnect

What is the MVP Reconnect Program all about?

At Microsoft, we believe that even though some MVPs are not always re-awarded, they still deserve recognition for being a valuable part of the Microsoft ecosystem. We believe that once an MVP, you’re always part of the MVP community! The MVP Reconnect program was designed to allow our former MVPs to be part of the extended community through this alumni program.

Who can join?

MVP Reconnect is open to all former MVPs, regardless of technical recognition area. Members must be in good standing, meaning that they must have no Code of Conduct or NDA violations. Simply put, if you are a former MVP, we'd love for you to join!

Why should I join?

MVP Reconnect is the official channel for you to stay connected to other MVP alumni. You will have the opportunity to participate in an exclusive networking channel, events, and private discussions to continue that community feeling and energy that you experienced as an MVP. This is not a program from Microsoft to the community; this is a program where the MVP alumni community contributes together to share ideas, provide feedback, and create new conversations for those who join after you.

How do I join?

The program is open to all former MVPs. You can join the program by filling out the membership request form here. We will follow up soon after with an official registration email. Supplying your MVP ID and the primary email you used during your tenure will help expedite the validation process. After you are approved in the program, we will send you a small thank you gift to show our appreciation.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at mvprec@microsoft.com.