MVP Mentor Program

MVP Mentor Program
The MVP Mentor Program connects students who want to learn more about Microsoft technologies with today’s leading independent experts, Microsoft MVPs. Our goal is to foster the next generation of technologists to be leaders in their fields and communities. Microsoft MVPs are experts in over 90 technologies and are from as many countries. No matter where you are located, or what you want to learn, we have the perfect MVP Mentor for you. 
Be a Mentor
MVP Mentors foster today's Microsoft technologists to be tomorrow’s leading experts. By being a MVP Mentor, you will share your expertise and guidance with the next generation of technology leaders. All currently active and alumni MVPs are invited to be a MVP Mentor.
What does it mean to be a MVP Mentor?
As a MVP Mentor, you have the ability to make a meaningful impact by guiding students whether you only have a few moments to dedicate or several months. There are three ways to engage with students.
How to be a MVP Mentor
Give real time advice on our social channels
Like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @mvpmentor and participate in the conversation. Students have the option to use our social channels to ask mentors questions at any time to get a real time answer.
Host a mentoring event
Throughout the year, we host mentoring events for students to learn from our mentors on how to use a Microsoft technology. We invite mentors to create content focused on topics they’re passionate about to share with students. The MVP Mentor Program will coordinate and promote your event, and then make it available on demand on our YouTube channel after the event is over. For a list of our current events, check out our Facebook events page.
Mentor a student one to one
Students contact the MVP Mentor Program and ask for a mentor to help with a project or a skill or any number of topics to help them advance their expertise. We help them to refine their goals and needs and then match them to an appropriate mentor.
If we think you’re the perfect mentor, we’ll contact you with the details of what the student wants to learn so you can make the choice whether or not you are interested in the opportunity. If you are, we’ll connect you to the mentee, and together, you will come up with a plan to get them to their goal. We suggest you meet at least once a week for three months either in person, by phone, email, Skype, or Lync. Although we do provide guidance on how to have a great mentorship experience, we ultimately leave it up to you and your mentee to work out a plan that works for you. At the end of your mentorship time together, both you and your mentee will be invited to fill out a survey to give us feedback about your experience.
Get started!
If you’d like to be a mentor, or have any other questions, email us
Find a mentor
The MVP Mentor Program connects students who want to learn more about Microsoft technologies with today’s leading independent experts, Microsoft MVPs. Whether you want help with building an app, guidance on hosting your website on Azure, support with starting your own community event or anything else that will help you achieve your goals, we have the perfect mentor to help you.
How does it Work?
There are three ways you can engage with MVPs.
Ask for advice on our social channels
Drop by our Facebook page or Tweet us @mvpmentor to ask a question and get answers from MVPs. If you’re burning the midnight oil and get stuck on a project, drop by and ask our mentors for help!
Attend one of our mentoring events
Throughout the year, we host mentoring events for students to learn from our mentors on how to use a Microsoft technology. Currently, our mentors are hosting a series of webinars to teach app development. Check out our Facebook events page for more information or watch previous webinars on demand on our YouTube channel.
Be mentored one to one
Whether you need an advisor to help you create your very own Windows Store App or want to make a presentation better or need career advice, or want to learn more about any Microsoft technology, we’ll help you find the perfect mentor to suit your needs. Once we find the MVP, you and your mentor will come up with a plan to get you to your goal. We suggest you meet at least once a week for three months either in person, by phone, email, Skype, Lync or any other method that works for you and your mentor.
Get started!
If you’d like to find a mentor, fill out this short survey Find a MVP Mentor for me!
Education Partners
We are proud to collaborate with other Microsoft student groups who also engage with today’s brightest young minds. Together, we give students who show a deep desire and aptitude to be leading technologists the support and guidance they need to achieve their dreams and change the world.
Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) are budding Microsoft technology experts who share their knowledge with their peers. They support other students in their technology studies, and generally serve as the leading Microsoft leaders in their communities. The MSP Program nurtures these leaders to build their skills and ignite their technology careers.
Microsoft Imagine Cup is the world's premier student technology competition. All eligible students are invited to use their imagination and passion to create a technology solution in one of many different competitions and challenges. By competing, these students are breaking new ground and are working to solve tough problems facing the world today.
DigiGirlz is a Microsoft YouthSpark program that gives high school girls the opportunity to learn about careers in technology, connect with Microsoft employees, and participate in hands-on computer and technology workshops.
The TEALS Program brings together engineers from companies across the technology industry, as well as national academic institutions, to close the gap between skilled computer science graduates and growing computer science job opportunities begins with education.
Microsoft Community Champion is a friendly competition. The competition will provide an opportunity to not only sharpen your technical skills but to meet developers in Taiwan, Japan, and Malaysia. Microsoft Community Champion is a classic champion of technics.  If you are interested in developing Microsoft APP, Microsoft Azure solution and if you are passionate about community participation in Microsoft technology, then you are the person we are looking for. Come and group your team, register for Microsoft Community Champion now with Taiwan, Japan, and Malaysia experts. Use your creative idea, passion, technology, you can change the world and help people. Join now.
Microsoft offers a lot of great resources to help students in their journey to learn Microsoft technologies.  Get free professional level developer tools, top notch on demand and live training and so much more.
Microsoft YouthSpark empowers youth to imagine and realize their full potential by connecting them with greater opportunities for education, employment, and entrepreneurship, helping them create real impact for a better tomorrow.
DreamSpark is simple: it's all about giving students Microsoft professional-level developer and designer tools at no cost so that students can chase their dreams and create the next big breakthrough in technology - or just get a head start on their career.
MVA offers free online Microsoft training delivered by experts to help technologists continually learn, with hundreds of courses, in 11 different languages. Our mission is to help developers, knowledgeable IT professionals and advanced students learn the latest technology, build their skills, and advance their careers.
Channel 9 is a community site that connects the people who make Microsoft’s software with the people who use them. The Channel has tutorial videos, discussion forums, podcasts, screencasts and interviews with Microsoft developers.
Microsoft Community connects the people through forums and wikis to find answers, share ideas and solve problems.
Microsoft Innovation Centers (MIC) are facilities that provide world class resources and support for students, entrepreneurs and startups, accelerating the creation of new companies, jobs and growth of the local software ecosystem.
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