Nomination FAQ

Nomination FAQ
Nomination Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: What type of community contributions are considered for a MVP nomination?
We look for and recognize a variety of contributions that community members make. Some of these activities include:
  • • Blogging, social media engagement, writing technical articles, online or offline publications
  • • Offline and online speaking engagement: conferences, meetups, User Groups, seminars, unpaid lectures, webinars, webcasts, etc.
  • • Videos: screencasts, recordings of speeches, etc.
  • • Forum answers (StackOverflow, MSDN, TechNet, popular 3rd party ones)
  • • Mentorship
  • • Published sample projects/tools/codes
  • • Open Source Projects on GitHub
  • • User Group Owner or MeetUp group leader
  • • Site Owner
Nominees should provide specific links to contributions and data related to those contributions such as:
  • • number of speeches
  • • number of attendees
  • • number of posts
  • • audience reach
  • • Evaluations / ratings
  • • Etc.
Q2: What tips do you have to improve the possibility of receiving a MVP award?
  • • Have regular activities in technical communities over the past 12 months.
  • • Contribute on the latest version of technologies, services and products and not older versions.
  • • Nominees can be nominated in two and more Award Categories. However, each nominee will be considered for each Award Category separately and the contribution level for each Award Category must be at a high level, with significant contributions.
Q3: What is the next step after I submit the nomination form?
  • • The nominee will get a notification with a link to finalize the submission.
  • • The nominee should submit their technical community contributions over the past 12 months.
  • • In the end of the submission they will get notified on the submittal.
  • • Please note that without this step (submitting contributions), the nomination won’t be evaluated for an MVP award.
Q4: How long does it take to receive the result?
  • • After the submission, the Community Program Manager (CPM) will potentially send emails to ask for more information regarding the contributions.
  • • The nominee needs to reply to the CPM emails, providing any additional information requested.
  • • The nominee may add more content based on CPM coaching (articles, videos, presentation, GitHub, StackOverflow).
  • • Based on the level of contributions, the process could take from 3 months to 1 year.
Q5: Do I have a better chance of being a MVP if someone else nominates me versus if I nominate myself?
We consider the level of contribution for all of our nominees to be awarded as a MVP, regardless of who nominated. If you believe you have the level of quality contributions, then please nominate yourself!
Q6: If I did not receive a MVP award in the past, can I try again?
Yes, even if you did not receive the MVP award in the past, you can apply again if you believe you have more contributions and increased technical expertise.