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Microsoft Regional Director

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Frank Solinske



Arround 30 years ago, at the age of 11, I discovered my interest for computers. All begans with a Commodore C20/C64. Several Amigas laters, I startet with PC's. An revolution, an Intel 486 with 72 MHz tuned by myself. My primary interest at this time focused on graphics and sound. On this base I founded my company anno 1995. Short after Start-up we began optimizing other graphicsystems and repair little problems. This part grows up better than our graphical skills, so we have to decide about our future. It was the crossing, we sell more and more optimized computers for graphics. That was the end of the layoutcompany. 

The little PC backyardoffice transforms over the time toward a system competenc center. Our current focus is ADS, Networking Infrastruktur , Security, Internet and Consulting. 

During my rarely leger, I´ll try to build up my MCSE skills. I did selfstudy with OMT´s, Whitepapers and virtual PC´s. It´s a pleasure for me to share my knowledge with other people. The perfekt community is "" :-). Since 01.01.2005 Microsoft honored me and I became MVP, nominated for Windows Server Security.

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