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Christian Graus


After many years of hobby programming, I finally taught myself C++ starting in October 1999.  In Feb, 2000 I got my first job, working with an MFC 3D home design application.  The next version was non-MFC, we used SDK C only for speed, as I wrote a GUI framework that allowed the applications GUI to be created on the fly in Python.

In Feb. 2002 I moved to Dytech Solutions, where I worked on database/website software, almost exclusively in COM ( for use by asp pages ).  With time, we moved into ASP.NET/C# work, which is now my day job.  I also take outside work in image processing, mostly in C++, including a lot of work on an x-ray imaging program, and work for processing images from digital cameras with panorama and fish-eye lenses.

In April 2006 I left Dytech Solutions, to work for as well as for a company in Texas, writing software to capture, store and edit radiographs.

During 2007, I worked on a WPF application for the veterinary industry.  This launched Jan 1, 2008, and I left my code project job to focus on that, and my other image processing work.