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Neil Roodyn

Building future tech. The world is what we make it. Future generations are relying on us.


Dr. Neil is a software developer, trainer, author, and entrepreneur. He was worked closely with some of the biggest software companies in the world, Microsoft being just one of many. In 2008 Dr. Neil founded nsquared, a company that specializes in leading edge software experiences. 
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Dr. Neil loves Australia, where he spends the summer enjoying the Sydney lifestyle and helping software development teams get more productive. He spends his other summer each year flying between northern Europe and the USA working with software teams and writing about his experiences.

He brings business and technical skills to the companies he works with to ensure he has happy customers. His latest book, Developing for Microsoft Surface, introduces the concepts of Surface computing to developers and designers. ( ) 
Dr. Neil is also a Microsoft Regional Director for Australia.
You can find out more from his website or you can email him at