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Steve Ward


My affair with computers began in the early 60's in high school when my summers were filled with programming for my fathers graduate students. I often took time to teach them to program as well. That led to several years in programming, system administration and system support until I retired on disablity in 1999.

Since then, I have always been helping and teaching others about computers, programming and security. From a 640k 8080 running CPM to my current P4 running Windows Vista Ultimate, I have always had an interest in the online community and safe, sane computing.

Through various online groups I was introduced to the Anti-Spyware community. Disability gave my ample time to devote to this never ending battle and a new avenue for my inquisitiveness. It also gave me an excellent opportunity to help others, and occasionally, to help them help themselves.

You can find me online under LoPhatPhuud, most often at Gladiator Security Forums (,  and DSL Reports ( where I have been awarded VIP and MVM designations. I am also a Security Expert on the Comcast private help forums.

I am an editor for the Windows 7 FAQ and Security Cleanup FAQ at DSL Reports.

 I am also an original  member of the PhishSquad at (now demised) where we worked to take down phishes worldwide.