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Chuck Boyce

United States


Hi, I'm Chuck Boyce.

I am a U.S. Navy veteran.  I have been a Data Professional since 1998.  I first worked with Sybase on Unix platforms and I eventually moved to working with SQL Server on the Windows platform. 

I have specialized in Infrastructure/Systems as a Database Administrator / Database Engineer.  I have considerable real-world experience with optimizing SQL Server for reliability, performance, stability; performance monitoring; capacity planning; capacity management; capacity monitoring; automation; alerting; working with SQL Server and Windows Clustering; Log Shipping; High Availability; troubleshooting; Disaster Recovery; and configuring SQL Server for optimal performance on VMWare.  I have a working knowledge of automation technologies (Perl, Power Shell, Unix shell, etc.).  I have worked in myriad IT shops that include Fortune 200 companies, Startups, Naval Intelligence application development, Health Insurance, Investment Banks, Law firms, and everything in between.  I have extensive experience both as a Consultant and as a Full Time Employee.  I am honored to have received the MVP award from Microsoft for SQL Server in 2006 and 2007.  (I also am honored to have received the MVP award from Microsoft for Digital Media in 2008.).  I am a solutions oriented, technology loving, problem-solver.  If your requirements and my skill set look like a match I am always willing to talk.