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Head of ITG Design & Develop Group,ITSS,ESI,MIIT

Junao Xue

( 薛君敖 )

Beijing, Beijng
ISO SC40 WG1 ISO 38505-1 & ISO 38505-2 project MITT ITSS 数据治理标准制定 中国大型国企基于大数据的信息安全合规项目


Junao Xue Ph.D
MVP, Biztalk, Microsoft Azure (04-16)
Participating in Cloud Architecture Design and providing ISGRC solutions for China State-owned Enterprise
Members of ISO SC40 Expert Group (14-16)
Proposed Model & Framework Design for ISO SC40 Data Governance Technical Report
Ad Hoc Expert of CCIE Research Team (15-16)
(CCIE - China Central University of Finance and Economics)
Involved in "Internet Research on the Risk Control and Diversification Mode of Financial Supervision " (Major Key Project of 2015 China's Ministry of Education Chief IT Expect, 
ZYTC technology, Beijing, China  (14-16)
Providing consulting in Cloud Architecture, ISGRC and BDGRC.
Chief Architect, MIIT ITSS WG1 international standardization group (14-15)
Proposed Model & Framework Design for China's Data Governance White Paper
Leader of IT Governance Research Group,MIIT/ITSS - Hui Dian Technology IT Governance Standards Team (12-14)
Proposing ITG STD Framework with implementing Model, Matrix, Process, Approach and Toolkit based on C-SOX, ISO 38500-1-2 and COBIT5
Chief IT Consultant, PUSH Management Consulting Ltd., Beijing (06-11)
Proposing BOM & jMPN
Implmenting GRC system
Deputy Director of OBM Research Center established by Microsoft China, BUPT and ACT Technologies (03-06)
Joint Microsoft developing Work Flow System for Biztalk
Developing OSS/BSS/MSS and implementing BPM/SOA systems for Henan/Hebei Netcom in China
"IT service management" and "IT planning" Certified Professional,HP IT Management College (03-05)
Introducing “eTOM”and “ITIL”to China Netcom group and its Henan and Hebei Branch
DMTS, Optical Communications Group, Bell labs Innovations, US (86-01)
System Design & Develop on 5ESS, DACS and ITM-NM
Representative of Bell Labs to ITU-T and TMF (96-00)
Proposing CORBA as technical platform for TMN,Co-Editor of M.3010, M.3013
Participation in the development of TMF & eTOM Standards
Ad Hoc Expert of former Ministry of China Posts and Telecommunications (MPT), Member of the Cooperative Project between MTP and Bell Labs (94-98)
Participated in Optical Network and Network Management Design in Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Nanchang, China
Published "Structure, Principles and Norms of the CORBA system Series",  OMG licensed (98-02)