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Roger J. Carlson


I graduated from Western Michigan University in 1989 with a BS in Computer Information Systems. In 1991, I took advanced training to become a CNE (Certified Netware Engineer).

In my first job as a network administrator, I was asked to create a database for electronic data reporting. That was my introduction to Access. Eventually, I switched to database design as a specialty, working with Access, SQL Server, and Oracle databases.

I also taught for twelve years on the adjunct faculty of Muskegon Community College in Muskegon, Michigan with an emphasis on database design and implementation.
In 1997, I joined an Access ListServ list (Access-L). Many of the questions asked on this forum could be answered better by an example, so I began to take all the parts necessary to solve the problem and stuck them into their own small sample database. Eventually, I put all my samples on a website where people could download them. And so was born.

Since 1999, Roger's Access Library has had a nearly two and a half million visitors from 170 countries around the world. In that time, an estimated 5 million samples have been downloaded.

I'm immensely pleased and proud (and a little humbled) to be awarded the Microsoft MVP award. I've always been uncomfortable with titles like 'expert' or 'guru'.  At best, I'm a teacher with the interest and ability to share my knowledge. I hope I can continue to do that and in, doing so, be a credit to the MVP program.