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Alun Jones
United States
Alun Jones returns to the ranks of Windows Security MVPs after a brief absence brought on by employment at Microsoft.  He now works in security at a book store.
Alun also develops and publishes software as Texas Imperial Software, in partnership with his wife, Debbie. Despite the company's name, Washington state is where Alun calls 'home'.
The first of Alun's MVP awards was made in 2003, as a Windows SDK (Networking) awardee. After several years of making a noise in the security field, Alun was given notice in 2004 that he would be a Windows Security MVP, and this woke him up to the fact that he really wanted to do Security as the main part of his job.
Re-awarded in Security in 2006 and 2007, then in Enterprise Security from 2008 to 2014 (inclusive), Alun's current job gives him all the security challenge he can eat.
Note that Alun has been awarded 11 times, not the 10 listed in the box to the left.
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