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Josep Pages
Sant Cugat del Valles, Barcelona
Impulor y Profesor del 1er Master Universitario en Microsoft Dynamics NAV Socio y Director Técnico en Quonext Technology
My professional experience is based on a deep knowledge on business process applied to enterprise computer science (ERP, WorkFlow, B2B, BPM, BI) in companies of different sectors (services, distribution, production). 

During last years I have been acquiring a high degree of specialization in Microsoft Dynamics NAV becoming my main functions as teacher, consultant, analyst and programmer.

I have more than 10 years of experience in Dynamics NAV and 20 in the sector of the Information Technology, which allowed me obtain knowledge on hardware and infrastructures, programming, functional analysis, analysis of processes and direction of projects. 

At this time I'm teaching in University Master in Dynamics NAV, I lead Quonext technical department and I'm collaborating with other technology companies, also I participate with institutions of technological diffusion.

My focus is about the services and product innovation. Share skills about work rules, reference points and key tools. Analize news technologies and ways in which technology is most beneficial for businesses. Promote the welfare of the technical team and ensure profitability. 

All aspects of business management software. The focus is not only on the non-strategic (inventories, invoices, payroll, accounting, etc..) But on the strategic side of technology, which is integrated in the value chain, generates business (as a products or services) and to be more profitable and efficient.

Software development, Solution Architect, Application Integration, Business Intelligence, Business Process Analysis, Web, eCommerce, Mobility, Project Management, Cloud Computing

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