JiHoon Kim

( 김지훈 )

Siheung-Si Gyeonggido
| 프레젠테이션 디자인 컨설턴트 | 비즈니스 프레젠테이션 디자인 전문 강사  | NAVER 파워포인트전문가클럽 카페매니저 | 한국능률협회 교수 | 한국표준협회 경영 전문 위원 | 2012 데일리연합명강사대상 | 2013 기업교육 명강사 30인 선정 | PT Story CEO/ Director


Hello. I'm 'Jihoon Kim' - more widely known by my nick name, 'Promise'. I serve as sys-op at the most popular online community for PowerPoint users.(http://cafe.naver.com/powerpoint)

Since December 2003, our site's been growing rapidly to become the largest online community on PowerPoint. We've been helping people to learn, share information about PowerPoint, by offering all kinds of PowerPoint tips, lessons, discussions, and contents. And of course, we wouldn't be here to win the honorable 'Microsoft MVP' of the year without our members' support! So, I would like to express my gratitude by reciprocating our efforts and continuous dedication to the community.
Thank you!!!
My Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/PowerPoint4U

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