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WooSung Seok

( 석우성 )

Powerpoint MVP


I have taught about 10000 people since 2001 and worked for powerpoint education and design for 8 years because I have been interested about powerpoint.
Also, I have shared my know-how of what I taught 100 lectures, which audience wants and my curiosity of teaching skill, with community related to powerpoint.
I have written on-line news letter of powerpoint down in every month since 2003 with them.
A lot of professional people of the powerpoint say that the community, I operate is the best site in Korea.
One of the Korean newspaper, Chosu Ilbo, mentioned that it was the solution for solving difficult problem of powerpoint even though ‘Daum’ and ‘Naver’ which are like ‘Google’ in Korea didn’t have any idea of that.
Furthermore, I have written my know-how on ‘PC Sarang’ which is the popular Korean pc magazine since 2003 and I have been a tutor of Samsung e-campus through on-line lecture.
On the other hand, in every 2 months I have an off-line seminar.
I have three books I wrote one is “Do presentation without embarrassing in company published by Youngjin another is “The 27 patterns of presentation design” published by Gilbut in 2005 the other is “A figure and diagram of powerpoint design” published by Gilbut in 2006; the last one will be published in China.
Those help people who need some information about presentation design with my know-how and case study I researched and solved..

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