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Alberto Poblacion Bolano
Freelance Consultant and Trainer
Alberto has been working for the computer industry for more than 30 years, most of them as a software developer. Achievements include designing a 4GL before 4GLs became fashionable, writing an interpreter, a compiler, a link editor, and a debugger for that language, as well as an IDE for development (well before IDEs became common in development tools), and making it compile into an intermediate code that was then interpreted by a virtual machine running under various operating systems (just the same as Java -- but this was several years before Java came out).
Along the years he has held just about every possible position in software development, including being the chief software architect for a small ISV, and he also was CTO for an ISP.
He spent several years working as a freelance developer and consultant, as well as providing training as a Microsoft Certified Trainer, mostly on the field of software development under the .Net platform. At present, he works as a Senior Software Engineer for a Microsoft Certified Partner.
He is author of the book ".NET Windows Development: Everyday Tips, Tricks & Optimization", as well as several on-line training courses, and a regular contributor for the magazine "dotNetMania".
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