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Ron Coderre


Ron spent the first 12 years of his career as an accounting manager and financial analyst in large and medium companies, accumulating knowledge in a wide range of business systems, including: wholesale, retail, insurance, manufacturing, leasing, oil & gas, tax, and two startup technology companies.

He has been heavily involved with spreadsheets and their programming languages since 1985, first with Lotus 123 (v1.1 and its subsequent upgrades) and then with MS Excel, beginning in 1992. With the inclusion of VBA in MS Office in 1993, Ron found his niche and has been developing full time since then to integrate Excel and Access with various general ledger, database, and financial systems. He has been an IT consultant in the Boston area and a financial application Developer programming in C#, ASP.NET, and SQL Server. Currently, Ron is a V.P - Senior Financial Analyst at a major bank, developing complex financial analysis models for use by division executives.

In addition to his professional work, he enjoys sailing, digital SLR photography and he has been practicing and teaching aiki-jutsu since 1990.