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Masahiko Isshiki

( misshiki )

機械学習エンジニア向けのWebメディア「Deep Insider」とWeb&IoT技術社向けWebメディア「Build Insider」の編集長として幅広い技術情報を発信しています。また@IT Insider.NETでも編集者をしています。社内では、作業を効率化するためのデスクトップツールの開発や、Webサイトの構築・運用もしています。


Masahiko Isshiki (call me "masa" ! ) is a editor for the most famous web media in Japan which is named "@IT" (atmark it). see Since 1999. I was a C++ software developer for a Japanese software vender that creates accounting software. Then, in 2003, I changed my job to the current job, because I wanted to encourage Japanese software industry for the sake of making everybody happier. So, I have written a lot of articles about Microsoft's development technologies, and, of course, I will do the same things from now on. Currently, I'm writing articles about Visual Studio, C#, new coming technologies, and so on. 
I'm not good at speaking English. But, if you find me somewhere and are interested in me, please don't hesitate to talk to me! I promise I will try to communicate with you in English.
In April 2018, I will open a new site "Deep Insider" for machine learning engineers and will be the editor-in-chief of the site.