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Ed Gallagher

United States
Security and Stability by Design


My technology career started as a programmer in 1971 while still in Junior High School. I've also been a systems operator on everything from the Big Iron of the 70's, what we used to call Mini Computers, and Unix into the 80's, Apples and Macs and more. After working as an electrical engineer for a few years I moved heavily into "C" programming in the late 80's and moved into networking and consulting in 1989. I helped host the Chicago Area Netware Networkers (CAN2) group for several years and jumped to the Microsoft side when I began working with Windows for Workgroups and beta testing NT 3.1.
I became an MCT in 1994 and then created, operated and taught for the TECH (MS-CTEC) program at Wm. Rainey Harper College in 1995. I was awarded a Charter MCSE for Microsoft 2000 Server. In 2000 I began work as a technology trainer at 3Com, teaching hundreds of the cellular network engineers at the major Wireless providers throughout the world how to integrate the cellular net into the packet switched data network so you can email and surf from your cell phone today. I work as a consultant now. 
More recently I have transitioned into security and compliance and, of course, cloud migration. Most of my work involves remediation of poorly implemented and insecure networks.
I'm a regular guest lecturer on the topic on PCI and HIPAA security at medical universities and user groups. I mentor other IT professionals on topics involving network, systems and solutions design and implementation with goals of stability and security compliance.
I continue teaching and volunteering as a speaker because I love what I do!

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