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Pedro Antonio Galvão Junior

( Pedro Antonio Galvão Junior )

São Roque, SP


Professional with extensive experience in the area of Information Technology and Microsoft solutions. Graduated in The Higher Course in Information Systems Technology Management from Uninove - Campus São Roque.
Currently studying the Master's degree in Environmental Sciences in the line of research in Geoprocessing and Mathematical Modeling at the State University of São Paulo - Júlio de Mesquista Filho - UNESP - Institute of Science and Technology - Campus of Sorocaba.
Postgraduate in the Course of Process Management and Engineering for Software Development with RUP at FIAP College - Faculty of Informatics and Administration Paulista de São Paulo. 
McDBA Microsoft Training, author of academic and professional articles posted in Magazines, Educational Institutions and WebSistes.
My first contact with technology occurred in 1994 after my parents bought our first computer, the year the doors to this fantastic world opened. In the same year, I started data processing, at that time the word IT did not exist, in fact Information Technology was known as Computing or Computing, that's how it all started and since then I haven't stopped, continuing on this long road to this day.
Since 2001 I have been working as Database Administrator - SQL Server in administration tasks, Management, Migration of Servers and Databases, Backup/Restore Strategies, Replication, LogShipping, Deployment of ERPs that use SQL Server banks, Function Development, Stored Procedure, among other resources.
Since 2008 I have been a University Professor for the disciplines of Database, Administration, Database Modeling, Database Programming, Operating Systems, Analysis and Systems Projects, among others.
Experience in the Coordination of High Data Availability Projects, using Database Mirroring, Transactional Replication and Merge, Log Shipping, etc.
I worked between 2011 and 2017 as Database Administrator and IT Coordinator at FIT - Flextronics Institute of Technology, currently working as University Professor at FATEC São Roque.
I have official Title Microsoft MVP and recognitions: MCC, MSTC, MIE and MTAC.

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