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Italian, English
Microsoft Certified Professional .NET

Andrea Boschin

Villorba , TV
Currently I'm involved in developing products for the company where I work. These are mostly based on web, with ASP.NET MVC, Javascript, HTML5 and C33 but also on WPF and XAML/C# for Windows Store and Windows Phone.


Andrea Boschin began his passion for information technology at 15 years old when someone gives him his first MSX computer. In a few he was fascinated about programming and about theory and start writing some article for a magazine. The first revenues let him buy some new hardware and he buy the first Amiga 500. After the choice of an alternative study, he abandon the software for a few years and return to it in the second part of the '90, starting collaborate with some travel agencies that need a primitive network based on the first web. He enter again the IT and become an employees for a local company that send him as a consultant to UNISY corp, Starting from here his activity is always growing, developing some CMS, but also non-web solutions. He returns to write articles for some important magazines and learn programming with ASP.NET, and C# migrating from the ASP and Visual Basic 6.0. Currently he is President of one of the most active User groups in Italy, XeDotNet. He works and live in Treviso, a beautiful town near Venice.