Bill Bright

United States


Bill began his career in 1971 as a certified electronics technician for the US Air Force maintaining air traffic control (ATC) radio communications and navigational aids systems. He got in to computers in 1975 when he literally stood inside a NORAD “block house” mainframe computer consisting of more than 67,000 diode vacuum tubes!

His first computers were a MITS Altair 8800 and Commodore 64. As his career advanced, his duties moved from ATC to IS/IT support, capping off 24 years in the USAF as the first wide area network manager for Offutt AFB, Nebraska.

While in the AF he earned a BS in Electronics Management and an AS in Electronics Systems Technology.

In 1995 he began consulting for Northrop Grumman IT. He was Monitoring Team Lead for Nebraska Social Services using IBM Tivoli products; Senior Engineer building PCs for 290+ General Aviation Weather/Flight Planning Satellite Terminals; and Network Engineer testing software and providing support for US State Department and DoD secure global networks.

In 2004, he retired (again) to work for himself in a "Custom PCs, Computer Repair, and IT Consulting" business. He beta tests for Firetrust and Microsoft and volunteers his spare time sharing experiences, teaching and helping folks practice safe computing, assisting others to troubleshoot and repair their computing and networking problems while often learning something new along the way.

You can find Bill online as "Bill_Bright" or "Digerati" at several IT security, Windows, and hardware support forums, including MajorGeeks, TechSupportForum, TechPowerUP, WindowsBBS, and several others. He also serves on the volunteer staff at Sysnative, Techie7 and What the Tech.

Recent activities