Juno Bea

( 배준오 )



My Name is Juno Bea.
I mainly work for teaching business skills and giving lectures. I have instructed Presentation Skill, T.T.T(Train The Trainer), Documentation Skill and Microsoft PowerPoint Classes in Korea. 
And I am an author. I have written 9 books about PowerPoint & Presentation.

SNS Marketing design with PowerPoint, Gilbot. 2022.05.
Excel & PowerPoint for Business Workers[Renew], Gilbot, 2020.06
PowerPoint for Business workers[Renew], Gilbot, 2020.01
Excel & PowerPoint for Business Workers, 2017.11
PowerPoint for Business workers, Gilbot, 2017.05
Excel & PowerPoint 2013 for Business, Gilbot, 2014.12
I work at Mobile Office, Mentor, 2012.03
Storytelling presentation Prezi, I, II, III, 2011, 2012, 2014

Editorial supervision of Book, Presentation Lab, Gilbot, 2015

Blog : http://powerpoint.pe.kr (Power Blogger by NAVER)

facebook Profile : http://facebook.com/PowerPointMVP
facebook Page : http://facebook.com/NewPowerpoint 
Twitter : @PowerPointMVP

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