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A+ Certified by CompTia

Ken Oraboni

United States


My name is Ken and I was born and raised in the South Bronx, New York City , New York, I currently reside on the SpaceCoast of Florida

I got my A+ Certification as a Computer Technician through CompTia in December of 2000.  My interest from building computer systems switched to removing malware after a co-workers computer got infected. I had a friend at the time who is also a MVP Consumer Security and helped me through the process of cleaning my co-workers computer, it really intrigued me so to learn more I signed up at the Malware Removal classroom at the Tom Coyote forum where I graduated and became a member of their Malware Team. I am also a  MRU (Malware Removal University) graduate. The latest Malware threats are not nice and its a never ending learning process staying up to date with the the latest threats.  I currently am a member of a dozen or more malware removal forums but I am most active on Whatthetech (formerly Tom Coyote) , where I am a Classroom Teacher. I am a Security Expert at Safer Networking, and part of the Malware Response Team at  Bleeping Computer, my user name is ken545.   

As a Class Room Teacher at WhattheTech,  I enjoy teaching new students the art of Malware Removal.  Its very rewarding to see a student that I have worked with graduate from the Classroom and become a full fledged Malware Fighter.

The latest threats right now outside of just some annoying PUPs ( Potentially Unwanted Programs ) appears to be different variants of Ransomware (CryptoLocker) and been spending some time researching  information to help users get their encrypted files back.  

Part of helping a user on the forums besides cleaning there system is to help them understand that some of the things they may be doing is how they got infected, so its a two part system, Clean and then Advise.

I am also a proud member of ASAP (Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals) and UNITE (United Network of Instructors and Trusted Eliminators).