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David V. Corbin


I have been programming  since 1972, originally on a Digitial Equipment Corporation PDP-8 Mini Computer, and later on machines indrioduced by Radio Shack, Commodore, KayPro, Zenith and Heath. In 1977 I was hired by Defense Sub-Contractor Data Device Corporation to assist in the development of automated test equipment, and later embedded military computer system. 

In 1984 I teamed up with hardware specialist James Tremel to form Dynamic Concepts as a part time venture.

In 1992, the defense industry was undergoing severe cutbacks with many of the major companies leaving the region. It was time to take Dynamic Concepts to full time status. Since then Dynamic Concepts won contracts in nearly every vertical market, including: Finance, Medical, Industrial, and General Business. Clients ranged from small firms to large corporations. Geographically these clients ranged from Germany to Australia with the majority in the United States. 

In 2005, I took a position with Microsoft Consulting Services as a Senior Field Consultant, and for the next two years, I traveled the country helping clients integrate Microsoft products into their environments. 

In 2007, I returned to running Dynamic Concepts Development Corporaton. Combining the breadth and depth of his experience, we have been able assist companies in both leveraging cutting-edge technology and in maintaining or upgradinging their legacy systems. 

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