Alberto Morillo

( Alberto Morillo Rodríguez )

Dominican Republic
13-time Microsoft MVP SQL Server. 3-time Microsoft Community Contributor awardee. MSDN Community Contributor Award 2009.


I have been an IT professional since 1991. Also I worked as a University teacher for about 16 years. Mainly, I taught about operating systems, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence and database management systems, especially Microsoft SQL Server. 

My work as a teacher gave me the opportunity to couch the student team on developing the project that won the third place in the Imagine Cup 2006 - Latin  America.  

I have been using Microsoft SQL Server since year 2000.  I am a big fan of this software, and for me working on it is more than a job, is my hobby.  I spend all my free time writing for my Web Site, a web site devoted to Microsoft SQL Server content. 

Also, I am the leader of a SQL Server Community named "Comunidad de Profesionales de SQL Server de la República Dominicana" with more than 4,000 members. This Spanish speaking Community has a popular group on Facebook (CaribbeanSQL), and you are invited to visit us anytime here (

On January 2010, I won the MSDN Community Contributor Award 2009. I have won the Microsoft Community Contributor Award three times. I am a MSDN Forum Moderator for Microsoft SQL Server (English) since June 2012.

On November 2019 I became the second top contributor on StackOverflow on the topic on Azure SQL Database as shown here (

I am also on the top 0.1% of MSDN forum contributors. You can read my MSDN profile here.

Finally, I was named Microsoft SQL Server MVP on June 1, 2019, for the 12 consecutive year. This is the greatest accomplishment of my career, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Microsoft for making me a recipient of this award.

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