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Paul S. Randal


Paul Randal is the CEO of, which he runs with his wife Kimberly L. Tripp. Both are very widely known and respected experts in the SQL Server world, and long-time SQL Server MVPs. Paul was a Contributing Editor for TechNet Magazine, where he wrote the bi-monthly SQL Q&A column and feature articles. He has also been the #1 rated speaker at the PASS Summit several times.

Paul started in 1994 working for DEC on the VMS file system and its check/repair tools, then on a kernel-mode file system for Windows NT.

In 1999 he moved to Microsoft to work on SQL Server. For SQL Server 2000, he wrote DBCC INDEXDEFRAG and DBCC SHOWCONTIG, plus parts of online DBCC CHECKDB, and other code in the Storage Engine.

Paul spent the first 3 years of SQL Server 2005 dev rewriting DBCC CHECKDB and repair, gaining extensive insight into DR scenarios. Paul spent the next two years leading/managing a 9-person dev team in the Core Storage Engine so Paul has a very deep understanding of the Storage Engine.

For SQL Server 2008, Paul put his customer passion to better use and switched to Program Management – first with responsibility for the entire Storage Engine, and then with a more hands-on focus on the Core Storage Engine. Here he first started public speaking, with his first session being on DBCC Internals at TechEd US 2006. This was also where he met Kimberly, and they were subsequently married July 29th 2007.

In 2007, after almost 9 years on the SQL Server team, Paul left Microsoft to join Kimberly running and pursuing his passion for writing, teaching, and consulting. Paul is a regular, top-rated presenter of workshops and sessions at conferences and user groups around the world on HA/DR, maintenance, Storage Engine internals, and performance. Paul was also a course author/instructor for the advanced Microsoft Certified Master – SQL Server qualification, teaching the deep internals in week 1.

Paul is hugely active in the SQL Server community, from user groups to helping out on Twitter (@PaulRandal). His very popular and widely-referenced blog is at and he can be reached at Together with Kimberly, Paul also owns and Co-Chairs the bi-annual SQLintersection conference.

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