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Andri Yadi

Bandung, Jawa Barat
CEO of DycodeX. Vice Chairman, Indonesia IoT Association. Ambassador, Edge Impulse. Entrepreneur, developer, maker, public speaker of IoT, TinyML, Cloud. Maker movement activist.


Andri is a proud coder for 2 decades, a self-taught entrepreneur for 18 years, and a community influencer. A fast learner, problem solver, movie freak, and Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky owner.

Andri is the co-founder of DyCode, a leading, 15 years mobile app and backend solutions enabler company, one of early players in (modern) mobile app industry in Indonesia. He is the co-creator of well-known award-winning products, such as Movreak and Jepret products family. He is also an educator and influencer around development and entrepreneurship in mobile app, Internet of Things (IoT), and startup scene in Indonesia, which he has been delivering 200+ talks, classes, and conferences around those areas. He co-founded and the committee of some developer communities, including the first iOS developer community in Indonesia.

As a developer, he's been coding since 1998, in almost all well-known languages and frameworks, Assembly, Pascal, Basic, Shell scripting, PHP, C, C++, Java, Oracle PL/SQL, .NET (C#), JavaScript, Objective-C, Swift, you name it. He has co-developed 100+ web, desktop, and mobile apps since the beginning. Recently, he's back to the mother language, C and C++ to code firmware for Microcontroller.

Andri's majoring in Physics of Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), graduated Cum Laude, and awarded as one of ITB Best Students in 2003.

Having background in Physics and electronics beside software engineering, his recent endeavour is around IoT, which he and his team spent most of their time in the workshop, to make and code for Things. He co-founded DycodeX as a subsidiary of DyCode, to enable the adoption of IoT and support maker movement around hardware/electronics. He’s currently active as a committee in IoT for Bandung, Bandung’s first IoT enthusiasts community. He recently initiated and launched a movement called Makestro, supported by DycodeX, that provides learning system, hardware kits, and software infrastructure to support the maker movement in Indonesia. He has spending almost every weekend from city to city, country to country, sharing his knowledge and experience around Internet of Things and maker movement to the ecosystem

Specialties: Internet of Things, Azure, TinyML, Swift, Node.js, Python

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