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Sarah E Dutkiewicz

( Sarah Dutkiewicz )

United States
Stow, OH
Technical Community Advocate, Mentor, Software Consultant, Event Organizer, Speaker at Conferences/User Groups/Corporations


Sarah Dutkiewicz is a cross-platform, cross-discipline technologist in Northeast Ohio.  Whether it's  following her technical curiosity down paths such as playing with R Tools for Visual Studio while learning R on Coursera or seeing Visual Studio products on Linux and Mac, Sarah loves to find ways to incorporate Microsoft tools wherever she goes, on whatever platform.  She has been working with Microsoft's technologies cross-platform since experimenting with IronPython in 2008 and presenting about it on Linux at PyCon 2009.  In the cross-platform adventures, Sarah is also trying out Visual Studio for Mac and writing C# code with .NET Core on Linux.  Sarah speaks on Azure DevOps, user experience, Python for C# devs, servant leadership, mentoring, the history of women in tech, and various software development concepts.  From tech support to IT to software development, Sarah can apply her love for technology in various arenas.  You can find Sarah primarily attending, speaking at, and organizing various user groups and developer events.  Sarah is the owner of Cleveland Tech Consulting, LLC.    She runs a technology-agnostic community site for the Cleveland, OH area at

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