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Vincent Maverick Sanchez Durano

United States
Microsoft MVP, C# Corner MVP, CodeProject MVP, MVA, MVE, DZone MVB, Architect, Mentor, Author


Currently serve as a Solutions Architect / Technical Project Manager and we build "cool things" to help improve people's lives. 

With over 13 years of professional experience working as a Sr. Software Engineer specializing mainly on Web and Mobile apps using Microsoft technologies. My exploration into programming began at the age of 15;Turbo PASCAL, C, C++, JAVA, VB6, Action Scripts and a variety of other equally obscure acronyms, mainly as a hobby. After several detours, I am here today on the VB.NET to C# channel. I have worked on Web Apps + Client-side technologies + Mobile Apps + Micro-services + REST APIs + Event Communication + Databases + Cloud + Containers , which go together like coffee crumble ice cream.

Has been awarded Microsoft MVP for 10 years, awarded C# Corner MVP for 2015, 2016,2017 and 2018, CodeProject MVP, MVA, MVE, Microsoft Influencer, Dzone MVB, Microsoft ASP.NET Site Hall of Famer with All-Star level and a regular contributor at various technical community websites such as CSharpCorner, CodeProject, ASP.NET and TechNet.

Books written:
"	Book: Understanding Game Application Development with Xamarin.Forms and ASP.NET
"	Book (Technical Reviewer): ASP.NET Core and Angular 2
"	EBook: Dockerizing ASP.NET Core and Blazor Applications on Mac
"	EBook: ASP.NET MVC 5- A Beginner's Guide
"	EBook: ASP.NET GridView Control Pocket Guide

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