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Vincent Maverick S. Durano

United States
Microsoft MVP, C# Corner MVP, CodeProject MVP, MVA, MVE, DZone MVB, Architect, Mentor, Author


He works as a Solutions Architect in a Research and Development company, and specializing on ASP.NET, web related technologies and Xamarin mobile.

In his spare time, Vinz contributes to forums at,, CodeASP.NET (,, Local Microsoft Community ( but more often at the official Microsoft ASP.NET forums site ( where he became one of the Top Community members with All- Star recognition level (the highest attainable level). 

Aside from helping other people in the forums, Vinz also writes FAQ's about ASP.NET in his blog and one of the article authors at,, HighOnConding, and ASPSnippets. He is also one of the Moderators at, one of the Quiz Masters at and one of the geekswithblogs Influencers .

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