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Scott McDaniel
United States
North Augusta, SC
My first encounter with Access came in the early 90's after a futile search for software to help run my family's HVAC business. Everything I dowloaded through my screaming-fast 2400 baud modem seemed to be geared towards another service industry - one package even required we enter a VIN number before saving a customer! I'd finally had enough and found a copy of Access 2.0 at a local computer liquidation shop. I installed it, taught myself Access and VBA and built the software that still helps run that company. 

I am currently the lead developer at Infotrakker Software, a company I started in 1998, and I still work with the family HVAC business when times get hectic.

Most of my online time is spent at Experts Exchange, where I'm one of the top Experts in several Access Topic Areas and a member of the Article Peer Review board. I've also been known to hang out at Utter Access a bit.

I'm also the chief cook of a competition barbecue cooking team named Smoke Shack BBQ. My wife Cindy and I travel the countryside cooking championship barbecue and drinking high quality beer (another passion of mine). We've won the South Carolina State BBQ Cooking Championships 3 times (more than any other team - ever) and have consistently ranked in the top 10 nationally over the past few years.

My favorite pastime, however, is spending time with my family, especially my grandson Trey - he's the coolest little dude in the entire world!
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