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Nori Fox
First and foremost, I am a proud mom of 5 and grandma of 4. I also love my MVP family and am honored to serve the gaming community.

I've been gaming since PONG and I love gaming with my children. I've been an Moderator and Ambassador for about 5 years and an MVP for three years. As the director of Gaming4Others, I plan and host tournaments and playdates on Xbox LIVE for charitable causes. This passion for combining gaming & charity began when I first realized the global reach that Xbox LIVE has. I have an autistic son and I immediately saw the potential good that XBL could do for him and others in need. My home gaming community is the, a member of the Good Game Network. I'm a member of the ECA, Women in Games International and GamerChiX.

In the fall 2012 I'll be launching XboxParent. As I often find myself helping families with their Xbox questions and concerns,  XboxParent will serve to help them navigate Xbox in their home, understand all of its features and how to have peace of mind with their child's gaming experience.
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